Mission Statement

Medicine in general and dermatology in particular is entering a tenuous time. With shrinking provincial budgets yet ever-growing demands, physicians are being confronted with questions that have direct impact on working conditions and ultimately patient care. While as a group physicians are trying to have their voices heard, within this group, we as dermatologists have to make sure that our concerns are not lost amidst the din.

Ontario serves as home to over half of the country’s dermatologists. Strangely though, we did not have an active provincial association. The DAO is revitalized now at the most opportune time. As the sands shift, the DAO will stand solidly and advocate strongly.


The Dermatology Association of Ontario

  • Is a unified voice for Ontario Dermatologists
  • Promotes better patient care
  • Supports the OMA Dermatology representatives
  • Promotes Dermatology in Ontario
  • Supports research and education